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Element Fitness: Air

Breathing in Air

Our air classes are built around interval training. We incorporate varied work, rest and intensity parameters with our cardio and functional fitness kit. Proven to increase cardiovascular function, support body fat reduction, increase metabolic rate and improve recovery, take a deep breath.

With your gym membership at Streatham gym, you are encouraged to work out on machines that focus your energies on the Element of Air: Airbike and SkiErg.

Challenging Machines

On the Airbike, you will be pushed to your limits. This machine works your legs to the maximum, but also includes handles that incorporate upper-body movements that will have your muscles aching. With a fan creating wind resistance the harder you pedal, you will constantly be challenged to push yourself to the next level.

The SkiErg machine simulates the movements of Nordic skiing. This machine works the abdominals, biceps, calves, glutes, hamstrings, lats, lower back, pecs and quads when used properly. Like the Airbike, the Element of Air is incorporated in the flywheel that traps air, increasing resistance. Pushing yourself against this element will require focus and determination.

The Benefits of Air

The focus of the Element of Air is Metabolic Conditioning, which works you hard throughout your workout classes or exercise classes in short bursts with shorter breaks between exercises. This increases your heart rate and burns many calories. However, one of the greatest benefits is the high level of calories burned after the workout and for hours afterwards.

A focus on breathing is key for these Air workouts because all of the workouts require the oxygen intake which will keep form and concentration in check. Learning to control breathing during exercise is beneficial, no matter the type of workout you choose. And the more oxygen you allow into your body through breathing, the quicker you will recover and move forward with your workout.