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Element Fitness London

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Element Fitness: Earth

With such a wide variety of companies offering a compelling range of fitness classes London’s exercisers can enjoy, it can be difficult to find ways to stand out from the crowd. Element Fitness has endeavoured to craft an identity for itself by holding fitness classes built around the concepts of nature’s elements, delivering high-intensity workouts for all levels of experience and within manageable time-frames.

What is Earth?

The element ‘Earth’ focuses on developing training formats that enable people to build their essential strengths from the ground up. Utilising key concepts such as resistance training, primal movement patterning, time under tension and phase training, we want to build the kind of exercise classes London’s residents can enjoy while achieving measurable results.

What do sessions entail?

At our Earth Element gym classes, London’s aspiring fitness enthusiasts develop their bodies and minds through methodical strength training. This benefits our members by allowing them to gradually master a wide range of functional exercises that develop strength the limits of their abilities without pushing their bodies to damaging extremes.

Earth classes are undertaken in short, condensed periods of time, this makes them perfectly suited to our busy urban members, enabling them to better manage the time they set aside every day for exercise, sustain regular training and obtain their physical goals.

Try out Earth gym classes today

Earth, like all our Elements classes, are held multiple times each day. We aim to make our sessions as accessible as possible, with allowances made for both hardened gym-goers and first timers. For more information on our classes or if you want to register for a gym membership, feel free to get in touch; our team of trained specialists are always happy to answer any question you have.