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24-26 Streatham High Road SW16 1EX | Tel: 07711961321

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Element Fitness London

element fitness london

Element Fitness: the 4 fundamental components of total fitness

Welcome to a brand new approach to building your personal fitness level through carefully-developed fitness classes in London. At Element Fitness, we have broken physical exercise down into its four elements, matching the four fundamental elements of nature:

  • Earth: lift
  • Water: move
  • Air: breathe
  • Fire: power

Our revolutionary fitness training approach takes place at our Streatham gym, where members choose a wristband that signifies your energy and experience level for the coach. This enables them to offer several options for every workout to each of the bands, allowing unprecedented levels of choice in the same workout to enable everyone to workout at their own level. This doesn’t mean we won’t encourage you to push yourself, it just means everyone gets to work in a way that is best suited to their body and experience level.

The approach to fitness London needs

Our classes run for 45 minutes, with a revolving schedule that ensures everyone can benefit from each of the four elements when they need to. The ‘Earth’ element revolves around strength training through weightlifting and functional resistance exercises. ‘Water’ focuses on continuous fluid training that will build strength, endurance and conditioning. The focus in ‘Air’ is cardiovascular conditioning through interval training that will have you flying high on endorphins. Finally, the ‘Fire’ element pushes the envelope with power based exercises combined with HIIT to produce explosive fat burning results.

The best workout London has to offer

The innovative wristband system and ‘four elements’ principle are just a couple of the creative approaches we take to exercise at Element Fitness. Every class uses our state-of-the-art kit and takes place in our luxurious facility, so you can just show up and push the limits at the level that works for you. We are proud to present ourselves to the London community, and look forward to seeing you at our next class!