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Element Fitness London

element fitness london

Enjoy Gaia mum and baby workouts at Element Fitness London

Have you recently had a baby and want to get back into shape? If yes, then Element Fitness London, your friendly Streatham gym can help you. Our aim is to create a safe environment, where you can focus on your fitness and have the freedom to tend to your little one. Our mum and baby classes in London are a great way to meet new mums and exercise at the same time! Here’s why you should join our Gaia mum and baby workout classes in London.

The post natal workout

Our Streatham gym hosts Gaia mum and baby workout classes that are run by specially trained postnatal personal trainers who have extensive knowledge about postnatal health. This mum and baby workout is specifically targeted at postnatal women and their bodies after giving birth, helping you to gain strength and to be the healthiest you can be. You can attend 6 weeks after giving birth naturally, and 12 weeks after a c-section.

Good for baby

It’s not just you who’ll have fun at our Element Fitness London mum and baby class, so too will your baby. We encourage taking time to care for your baby while making time to focus on you, you will be free to tend to their needs while being supported through specially designed workouts. Classes are suitable for babies up to 6 months, as it’s not designed for little crawlers.

GAIA is all of the elements

This workout incorporates all elements. The fluidity of water for increased mobility, the grounding of the earth for strength and stability, connecting to air through breath and reigniting your power through fire.

To learn more about Gaia mum and baby at our friendly Streatham gym, then please do get in touch with us today.