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element fitness london

Air: Breathe: Metcon

element fitness london


High grade air resisted equipment will push you to your limit. Take a deep breath…

Cardiovascular and metabolic conditioning is the focus in Air. Work your lungs and your muscles to the max on the Airbike. Monitor your progress and control the intensity as you pedal to a fitter, healthier you.

Designed to simulate the sport of Nordic skiing, the SkiErg is an easy to use machine that delivers muscular and cardiovascular strength and endurance. Each SkiErg comes with the PM5 Monitor- the most advanced Performance Monitor on the market to accurately assess your effort and see your progress as you ski to success.


AIR inspired workouts are based on a METCON structure. This means sustained high intensity exercise with short rest periods to induce METabolic CONditioning or maximizing efficiency of energy systems to help increase fitness, burn fat and maintain muscle. We use the METCON format in AIR, as it’ll get you huffin’ and puffin’!