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24-26 Streatham High Road SW16 1EX | Tel: 07711961321

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Earth: Lift: Emom

element fitness london


Push, pull, lunge and squat your way to greater strength. Ergonomic resistance kit will help you tone muscle – it’s time to dig deep…

Enjoy joint friendly weight lifting as dumbbells allow for more natural movement.
Hex dumbbells provide great unilateral training; ensuring both limbs do the same amount of work, helping to address strength imbalances.
Simultaneously increase strength, speed and endurance with our range of kettlebells.


Earth inspired workouts are based on an EMOM structure. Which means completing a specified number of repetitions of an exercise Every Minute On the Minute, with the remaining amount of time to be taken as rest. Like the Earth, connect to your core, stay grounded and keep revolving & evolving!

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