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The importance of keeping active and fit during the pandemic

Exercise is a great way to help manage anxiety during this challenging time. There are many ways to support health and well-being through activity, and Element Fitness is here to offer ideas and encouragement along the way.

Boost happy hormones

Weather your taking a class at Element Fitness Streatham, hiking in the countryside, or getting the kids out to the local playing field, engaging in physical activity promotes the release of serotonin and endorphins. These feel good hormones make us feel good and energized and help counteract negative feelings.

Active body – active mind

Regular physical activity helps keep the mind sharp and focused. Several studies have suggested taking walks, working out, playing sports, all feed into supporting cognitive function. Getting out in the fresh air or feeling the satisfaction of completing a workout not only improves muscular and cardiovascular health but mental health too.

Enhance your immune system

Just like having a healthy diet, it has long been widely agreed that regular, moderate-intensity exercise has immune-boosting benefits – a very substantial and relevant fact during the current health crisis. It can increase blood flow, strengthen antibodies, and can reduce stress and inflammation.

Socialise safely in Element Fitness classes

Be brought together with members of your community over a shared love of leading active, healthy lifestyles. Here at Element Fitness, we provide a covid safe environment by adhering to the two-meter social distancing guidelines, providing sanitised equipment in that is never shared and cleaning products for during and after workout. Our classes are designed to cover all your fitness needs and they also offer great social inclusion opportunities. Check out our schedule if you’re in the London area!

Boost self-esteem through regular exercise

These are turbulent times and one of the big challenges during this time can be staying motivated and optimistic. Exercising with others can help give you that much needed boost to get through those tough workouts. There is a real sense of achievement to be gained when we push through to the end of a sweaty workout, and it’s a great way of elevating levels of self-esteem, energy and optimism. This can become a valuable source of connection to others and give us focus during these uncertain times. Creating routines that promote positivity and create space for us to take care of ourselves has never been more important and as your local gym it is our mission to provide this for you.

Have a routine in a world of disarray

To put it simply, the next few months may be messy. With restrictions due to be re-evaluated every three weeks or so, and subsequently all areas of our lives seemingly on a constant roulette as of late, setting yourself a routine is vital. Making a daily habit of incorporating exercise as a regular activity, as one of the pursuits which will be unwavering during these uncertain times, is a good step to take for your time, and mind, management. Whether it’s at your local gym or in your living room, stick to it. And trust us, your wellbeing will thank you for it later.