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element fitness london

The Kit

Your body can move in so many amazing different ways, so we’ve developed a functional training programme to help you make the most of it! Each Element (Earth, Water, Air, Fire) class focuses on a different training protocol – which means, you work on different elements of your fitness on each day of the week. Likewise our state of the art studio is a treasure chest of versatile training kit that you’ll get to use in different ways each time you come to class. Get ready to squat, swing, ski, push, pull, bike throw and jump your way to better strength, endurance and mobility.

Each 45 minute class is designed to cover all your fitness, and our constantly revolving schedule means you’ll be able to benefit from each Element’s training format no matter what day(s) of the week you’re able to join us!

We know no body is the same, we all must start somewhere and need space to grow, so we have scaled workouts to match your desired work rate. Grab a wristband to let your coach know your energy and or experience level.  We’ll offer various options per band during the class. Your band means you’re in control, so you can work to your best ability, no matter how you’re feeling or how long you’ve been attending classes for.

Each Element focuses on a different training modality:  TABATA, METCON, AMRAP and EMOM – functional fitness at its best!

Every class utilises our state of the art kit, but depending on your Element it will be utilised in different ways.

element fitness london

Our custom rig challenges you to train in diverse and creative ways. 

>> Build upper body strength and endurance with the Revvll Pro rope trainer, simulating rope climbing with adjustable resistance and an easy to grip cord – no gloves required.

>> Master strongman skills with our atlas stone platforms 

>> Unleash your inner gymnast with wooden gymnastic rings.

>> Connect to you core with and build upper body strength with the dip bars and something something about the resistance bands

element fitness london

>> Develop explosive lower body strength with our wooden plyometric boxes that offer jump heights of 20″, 24″ and 30″.

Wall balls and slam balls in a wide range of weights offer the perfect tool for developing full body explosive strength. Each ball has a textured service for enhanced grip, so you can let rip.

element fitness london

>> Enjoy joint friendly weight lifting as dumbbells allow for more natural movement. Hex dumbbells provide great unilateral training; ensuring both limbs do the same amount of work, helping to address strength imbalances.

Simultaneously increase strength, speed and endurance with our range of kettlebells.

element fitness london

>> Work your lungs and your muscles to the max on the Airbike. Monitor your progress and control the intensity as you pedal to a fitter, healthier you.


element fitness london
// THE SkiERG.

Designed to simulate the sport of Nordic skiing, the SkiErg is an easy to use machine that delivers muscular and cardiovascular strength and endurance. Each SkiErg comes with the PM5 Monitor- the most advanced Performance Monitor on the market to accurately assess your effort and see your progress as you ski to success.


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element fitness london