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Element Fitness London

element fitness london

Want to workout London based? Enjoy the benefits of Element Fitness

Are you new to working out? Would you love to enrol in a gym membership that offers friendly and enthusiastic trainers that make working out fun? For a workout London residents will love, our Element Fitness classes tick all of these boxes. Let’s put your mind at ease and explore why our gym membership is perfect for you.

We’ll know you’re new

Many people worry about joining a fitness class for the first time. The unknown can be incredibly daunting. Well, you really shouldn’t be nervous when going to one of our fitness classes in London. All new members can choose the blue band workout, which is scaled to ensure it is accessible to people who are new, while still being challenging and fun.

Work to your own needs

It’s important to remember that you set the pace. You will work on your own strengths and needs. You set the targets that can be built upon over time. There is no competition with anyone else in the class. You just do what you can do, all abilities are catered for in every class.

Do what you love

Take the classes that you love. There are different classes to choose from, based on natures elements: earth, water, air and fire. For example, earth is all about strength training, water is geared towards endurance, air is interval-based cardio and fire is a powerful HIIT class.

A schedule that works around you

A gym membership is all about flexibility, and the great news is that all Streatham gym classes are rotated, so that they are available on different days of the week, meaning that there will always be a class on the day that suits you best. It’s a gym schedule that works around you.

To find out more about the classes available and gym membership at our friendly Streatham gym, then simply call in or get in touch with us today.